Parents and Carers

We are excited about the opportunity to develop something completely different for young people in Gloucestershire. Our UTC will create pathways directly into careers in the health sector or in health sciences.

By combining academic study with real-life work projects, personal development activities, and career opportunities students at the UTC will enjoy a unique blend of activities and applied learning underpinned by strong academic delivery through qualified national curriculum teaching.

Our UTC will offer clearly defined pathways aligned to careers in the health service and health sciences careers. Those pathways will be available at both 16 and 18. They will include vocational routes (including apprenticeships) and academic routes. There will also be support to exit to other destinations at 16 and 18 where that is in the best interests of students because their career or life goals have changed.

The UTC will seek to support the learner in shaping their own individual career development plan to meet their future aspirations. This will develop the student’s profile from point of entry to exit, drawing on the successful University of Gloucestershire ‘My Future Plan’ programme.

Attending a UTC

UTCs are funded in the same way as mainstream school and are subject to the same inspection and quality measures. Some key facts about the proposed UTC are detailed below:

  • The UTC will provide places for 600 students when full
  • It is open to students from year 10 through to 13
  • Offers GCSE qualifications and A-Level qualifications as well as technical qualifications
  • Is not academically selective
  • Does not charge any fees
  • Is subject to Ofsted inspections and visits
  • Follows a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Provides a longer school day (usually 08:30 – 17:00) and longer terms to allow time for students to participate in the range of enrichment activities
  • Provides time for all activity within the longer school day including project working, preparing for lessons and exams and homework
  • Links classroom-based learning with real-life projects providing the ‘how’ alongside the ‘what’ in readiness for leaving the UTC

Evidence of demand survey

Once you have read the information held on this site, please complete this survey, so that we can gather interest and feedback regarding our plans for a UTC. Please note the survey is not just for parents and carers. Interested parties such as Grandparents, aunties and uncles, etc. can also respond.

Evidence of demand survey

Some UTC Facts and Figures *:

  • About a quarter of students who left UTCs at 18 started apprenticeships – nearly three times the national average (24% from UTCs, compared with the national average of 8.5%)
  • Nationally, 37% of school and college leavers go to university at 18/19 years. The figure for this year’s UTC leavers is 42%
  • Around 9 out of 10 students that attend University Technical Colleges (87%) feel confident in their ability to succeed in work.
  • About the same (86%) are confident of getting a job that suits their skills when they leave education
  • Over two thirds (70%) of UTC students feel their prospects are better than if they stayed in a mainstream school
  • Over two thirds (70%) of parents say the UTC has made their child more confident in getting a job
  • 85% of parents believe the UTC is preparing their child for the world of work, compared with 68% for parents with children in mainstream schools

* data taken from the Baker Dearing Trust survey – October 2015

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