Where will Gloucestershire UTC be located?

At this stage no decision has been made as to where the UTC will be located other than within Gloucester. The project team are working through a number of options and reviewing the suitability of these. If the UTC receives approval to open in 2019 the UTC will then work with the Department for Education to identify a site to develop.

Who can apply for a place at the UTC?

An admissions policy will be developed for the UTC. There are no entry requirements for pre-16 entry. Some courses at post-16 may have minimum entry requirements to ensure students are enrolling on the right course for them.

How different are UTCs from mainstream schools that may affect a student’s experience of school?

The learning experience at UTCs will differ from mainstream schools due to students experiencing a technical education supported by industry partners. Day to day UTC life will have some similarities to mainstream school such as a uniform, free school meals to those eligible, Ofsted inspections, classroom-based learning, and qualified teachers.

Is 14 too young for a student to make a decision on their future career choice?

There are two aspects to this question. Fourteen is not too young for a student to make a choice about their future career and some students will benefit from gaining specific technical experience and knowledge at this age. If a student is already interested in a particular role or occupation, attending a College specialising in that sector can add to their interest, motivation and engagement. The UTC offers a broad and balanced curriculum. This means that students will be able to make a number of decisions about their future throughout their time at the UTC. Students will be able to choose to leave the UTC aged 16 or 18 to follow their chosen pathway. Their time at the UTC would prepare them for both a career within the healthcare sector and outside should they wish to pursue an alternative pathway.

When will the UTC have a decision or approval to open?

The application for Gloucestershire UTC will be submitted in early October 2016. A decision on the outcome of this application is due in late 2016. If the application is successful, the UTC team will work with the Department for Education to develop the plans further and to receive final approval to open in early 2017. Once received the UTC will be open to students from September 2019.